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Pepper Steak

Donated by:  Jim Gaff

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2 lbs Beef roast
2-3 tbsp cooking oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
5 cloves garlic, minced
2 cans beef consomme
4   green peppers, bite-sized pieces
4   onions, bite-sized pieces
3/4 bunch celery, bite-sized pieces
1 jar pimientos, chopped
1 can water chestnuts, sliced
2 tbsp cornstarch
2 tbsp A-1 sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 can whole tomatoes

Cut meat across grain into thin slices.  Brown meat in oil in an electric frying pan or wok.  Add garlic, salt, and pepper.

When meat is brown, add consomme.  Add peppers, onions, celery, pimientos, and water chestnuts.  Cook approximately 15 minutes (do not overcook).

Mix cornstarch, A-1 sauce, and soy sauce and a little water until mixture is smooth.  Add to meant and vegetables.  Cut tomatoes into quarters and add to mixture.  Cook 5 minutes and serve over rice.


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